Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is a Radiance?

Within each of us, at the core of who we are, lies a distinction so profound that it permeats every aspect of our life... including:

* The form of our physical body
* The way we process information
* Our way of interacting socially
* Our work style
* Our natural strengths
* The way we show and receive love

This distinction manifests itself in so many ways because it is integral to who you are. It is called RADIANCE, because it determines the way in which we each uniquely radiate the light of divinity that is in us. After all, each of us was designed and created - not by accident - but intentionally, by God.

What is the value in discovering your Radiance?

Once you understand your Radiance, you can shed everything on and around you that is masking who you are (hairstyles, clothing, nailpolish, shoes, accessories and jewelry - just to name a few) ~ allowing you to be completely comfortable in your own skin, confident every single day - whether on your way to a business meeting or to the gym - that you look radiant! (No punn intended)

Dressing according to your Radiance profoundly affects your life because it puts you into greater harmony with who you really are and your purpose in life. It allows others to see you for who you are. It allows you to communicate with clarity because your image is a genuine reflection of you - instead of being a distraction.

Teaching others to live in their radiance is our passion. If you feel that something isn't right about the image you are projecting, need a shift in your business, want to attract better things into your life, or simply want to look younger, please contact us!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You are Divinely Created

Love the physical masterpiece that God created for you!
Be gentle on yourself, for a spark of divinity lies within you.

Your appearance will be a beautiful reflection of your gifts, your strength, and all that makes you special when you honor yourself!

Your creation was flawlessly executed and much celebrated. Size and shape do not determine your value. Nothing can diminish your worth.

Only YOU have the power to radiate your beauty - YOUR TRUTH - to the world!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The truth about black

If someone were to inquire of you which of all fashion tips is most universally accepted as gospel truth among women, how would you respond? Without hesitation, I would have to say this: Black makes you look thinner.

Though doing so may be akin to denying the all healing power of chocolate to a woman's soul, I would like to debunk this pervasive myth. Not only does black not make the vast majority of people appear slimmer, it also rarely gives you an edge in business when you wear it to convey professionalism. Let me explain.

When we dress for success, what is our goal? Ultimately, we each want to be seen for the competent individuals that we are. We want to be attractive physically, and attractive professionally. The most powerful way to convey the truth about who we are and the excellence with which we approach life (including our business) is by wearing things that match us.

When I wear something that doesn't match me, others are going to notice what I am wearing more than me, because attention is always drawn to that which visually doesn't belong. What I am saying is that we must learn which colors, textures, and styles match us. This approach to fashion and image is fundamentally different from what most of us have ever learned. And it is the reason that black is most definitely not the perfect color for business or the savior of unfashionably large derrieres!

So how can you tell if black matches you or not? Stand in front of the mirror in a well lit room with a clean face (no makeup) and with your hair back. Look at your skin - pay attention to the flaws that you work so hard to cover up. Now, place a large piece of black fabric to cover your shoulders and chest - so that all you see is your face and the black beneath it. Look at the coloring in your face. Does the black drain the color out of your face, or does it draw attention to your eyes? Are flaws such as dark rings under the eyes, lines, or redness more pronounced or less visible? If black matches you, it will bring color to your face and draw attention directly to your eyes - where people see YOU! If not, your eye will be drawn to the color, not your face. You may need to ask a friend to help you with this exercise. Just make sure it is a friend that will tell you the truth!

Here's the bottom line - when you wear what matches you, the focus of those with whom you interact will be on your eyes and your face. There will be nothing to distract them from seeing who you are and what you have to offer. Conversely, when you wear something that distracts from who you are, attention is drawn away from you and to that which does not match. Whether in business or our personal life, this is certainly not the result we want!

If you are like the majority of women (and people!), black is not the best color for you. Take an inventory of your wardrobe. Which colors do you feel the best wearing? Which colors draw attention to your eyes and bring color to your face? Notice how others respond to you as you ditch black and move to color... the results just might surprise you!